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On this site were will specialize in Koi, all the way from Koi breeding to Koi feeding !! You can catch up with the latest incites on the blog

Pond Filters and Pumps

The key to great looking fish is great looking water, a pond so clear you'll think your fish are swimming through the air, from filters to pumps we've got you covered

The Filter and the Pump

Status in pond size sets in when the numbers start to edge towards 5 figures, as in a 10,000 gallon pond. But before you begin to curse the day you fell in love with all things fish, and start hyperventilating thinking about how on earth you are going to maintain crystal clear water in a pond/lake, clam down. Remember the filter does most of the work. Fish eat a lot and produce a lot of waste, so your pond really does need to be up to the task of dealing with this, it needs to be able to handle mechanical and biological filtration in its sleep, or more accurately it needs to handle in yours. On this website we give in depth reviews on all pond filters and pumps, to help you come to the best decision for your pond. Every pond is different, but, every pond can be gin clear clear, and we are here to help.